Technical Resilience Navigator

The Federal Energy Management Program's Technical Resilience Navigator (TRN) helps organizations manage the risk to critical missions from disruptions in energy and water services. It provides a systematic approach to identifying energy and water resiliency gaps and developing and prioritizing solutions that reduce risk. The TRN enables organizations to be proactive in identifying and addressing vulnerabilities to their critical energy and water systems to reduce outage impacts, and support continuous mission operations.

Note: The TRN content is currently being migrated into a new, integrated, web-based platform. In the meantime, the updated technical content is now available for the following five modules on the Modules page:

  1. Site-Level Planning
  2. Baseline Development
  3. Risk Assessment
  4. Solution Development
  5. Solution Prioritization.

Additional content for Portfolio Planning and Roadmap to Action is being developed.

If you currently have a user account, you will be able to access your progress tracker until August 2020. New accounts can no longer be created, but revised technical content is available without an account. All updated content is available via the Modules page.

When accessing the new content, please collect the data in the formatted worksheets and spreadsheets to ensure seamless data migration to the new web-based tool. For those users who have collected data using earlier versions of the TRN, please contact us to discuss migration options.

FEMP plans to launch the new, integrated, web-based platform at the 2020 Energy Exchange in August. Please contact FEMP at with questions or feedback.

We invite you to return after the launch of the new web-based platform to create a TRN account to access the new tool and experience the enhanced user interface.